Scotland trip
Last update: 09/10/09 03:14
Itinerary: 09/10/09 - 09/20/09 (10 days)

Edinburgh (2 days) == Inverness (2 days) == Kyleakin (2 days) == Fort William (1 days) == Arrochar (1 days)

City: Inverness    09/12/09 - 09/14/09

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Summer Lee bed and breakfast

09/12/09 - 09/13/09

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Margaret and John would like to welcome you to Summerlee We offer 3 star b&b accomodation. We have a lovely Victorian house that has been tastefully decorated throughout. The accomodation we offer is clean and comfortable, and very close to the town only a few minutes walk. more ...
website | Phone: +44 (0)1463 225626 | Address: 3 Greig Street, Inverness, Scotland IV3 5PX

BazPackers Hostel

09/13/09 - 09/14/09

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Saved in 1 shortlists 15.00 – 15.00 GBP
We pride ourselves on offering a clean, professional, friendly service and believe people pay to actually sleep at a hostel, not party all night. We aim to provide quality, budget accommodation for backpackers. Located in front of Inverness Castle, Bazpackers is an old Victorian more ...
website | Phone: 01463 717663 | Address: 4 Culduthel Road Inverness Inverness-shire IV2 4AB

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