Scotland trip
Last update: 09/10/09 03:14
Itinerary: 09/10/09 - 09/20/09 (10 days)

Edinburgh (2 days) == Inverness (2 days) == Kyleakin (2 days) == Fort William (1 days) == Arrochar (1 days)

City: Edinburgh    09/10/09 - 09/12/09

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High street hostel

09/10/09 - 09/12/09

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Saved in 1 shortlists 13.00 – 50.00 GBP Contact Owner
Looking for a fun, cheap, friendly, comfortable, easy-going, historic place to stay in central Edinburgh that caters for backpackers, budget travellers, students, fellow world explorers etc? You found us! High Street Hostel can provide all you need for a great time in this beautiful more ...
website | Phone: =44 (0)131 557 3984 | Address: 8 Blackfriars Street Edinburgh EH1 1NE

Ashlyn Guest House

09/18/09 - 09/20/09

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Saved in 2 shortlists 37.50 – 37.50 GBP Contact Owner
Peter and Lindsey, welcome you to their historic guest house. Built in 1820 the Ashlyn is a building of significant architectural importance and is listed by Historic Scotland. The house was originally the residence of the late John Charles a factor of the Hudson Bay Company. The more ...
website | Phone: 0131 552 2954 | Address: 42 Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5PY

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