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  • Flu, lies and the news media........from now until the present.
  • Date posted: 05/18/09
  • Type: Hotel news and events
  • They say there are 3 kinds of lies -"lies, damn lies and statistics". I think there is a 4th kind of lie and that is the lie of the news media. I am sure if nobody listened to the news or read newspapers there would be no flu epidemic. But if you want to ask me about a real epidemic in NYC, then let's talk about traffic accidents, because statistically, you are much more likely to get hit by a car than by the flu, but that has always been the case, and people keep coming despite the fact that they could get hurt by a car or in a car. There are 9 million people in this city and I don't see anyone running away or driving away!

    So take a deep breath, fold up your hazmat suit and come to Manhattan for a visit.
    It is not the most popular destination for tourists in the world for nothing. But here are some helpful tips, most of which you will probably ignore.

    Do not stay in Midtown where the hotel rooms have a reputation of being small and the area very crowded. This is not a district where many New Yorkers choose to live due the density of offices and hotels. Times Square and the area around the Empire State building are overcrowded with office workers and tourists and this can create a stressful environment and you will miss the chance to have a real New York experience.

    Stay in Harlem. When you observe a different culture, the individual experience is enhanced. Travel should be a total experience, a complete shift from where you are into, as totally a different realm as can be realized. Your vision of the world can change forever, not to remain that way forever, but to understand the unfamiliar and welcome the process of change.

    Stay on Sugar Hill because it is the most famous neighborhood within the most famous district within the most famous city in the world. So you will have a chance to stand for a moment at the top of the hill with your hands in the air and listen to all the accolades and cheering from the whole universe that will be shouting,” yes you made it, you made it to the center of the world.” No worries about making a scene either, people do this all the time around here.

    Since you made it all the way to Sugar Hill, you might as well stay in the best place, Sugar Hill Harlem Inn, and now is a good time to come, now that the international banking cartels have collectively wrecked the worlds economy, the prices are about half of what they were last year, but then your money is probably worth half of what it was last year, but that is why they say” you can't have your cake and eat it too”. What they really mean is "let them eat cake”, but the last time one of them said that, heads started to roll..........NEXT!