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Accommodations for Ubud

Total accommodations in Ubud : 14

. Ubud Bed and breakfast, Vacation rental, Boutique hotel, Boutique hostels

. Daily Rate: $0 - $540, All of Ubud

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Ubud -Jati 3 Bungalows and Spa

Ubud Jati 3 Bungalows and Spa
Saved in 1 shortlists 0.02 – 0.02 USD
Ubud is center of art and culture in Bali. Enjoy the traditional dance performance every night. Involved with culture event is nice choice to spend your day at Ubud, or you can go to traditional market to find some souvenirs. Jati 3 Bungalows and Spa are located in the heart of more ...

Ubud -Guci Guesthouses

Ubud Guci Guesthouses
Saved in 0 shortlists 29.48 – 58.97 USD
Selamat datang. Welcome to Guci Guesthouses Bali. We are happy you found your way to our website. First, let us introduce ourselves. We are Nyoman, a Balinese man and Ulli, my wife of German origin. In 1986 we had a dream... and our dream was to create a paradise within a paradise. more ...

Ubud -Kajane Mua Villas

Ubud Kajane Mua Villas
Saved in 0 shortlists 135.00 – 500.00 USD
From the moment entering, pass the dramatic pathway into the exquisite landscape, a blend of a balmy Balinese atmosphere and a modern sense, will transport you into a different world of stay; A serenity and privacy promise complete pleasure Located in the heart of Ubud just a door more ...

Ubud -Sayan Terrace Resort

Ubud Sayan Terrace Resort
Saved in 0 shortlists 90.00 – 200.00 USD
Where traditional Balinese houses sit perched high on the face of a hill in a hibiscus filled compound connected by meandering stone paths, where soft strains of gamelan music help you drift far far away.... where a verdant vista of emerald green terraced rice fields cools your more ...

Ubud -Nick's Pension

Ubud Nick's Pension
Saved in 0 shortlists 20.00 – 40.00 USD
Nick's Pension is right in the heart of Ubud. Access to Ubud's "Monkey Forest" main road is through a sloping path, and is only ten minutes walk to Ubud Market, Monkey Forest, Museum and Ubud playground. Rooms: Each of our 22 rooms is furnished in a tropical style more ...

Ubud -Sunari

Ubud Sunari
Saved in 0 shortlists 90.00 – 90.00 USD
Welcome to our elegant four-room inn. We love it here and hope that you do, too. Sunari is named after a bamboo flute that catches the wind and its music for the enjoyment of all. Four lovely rooms with spacious verandas Large salt-water pool Lotus Garden Walking distance to more ...

Ubud -Londo Bungalows

Ubud Londo Bungalows
Saved in 0 shortlists 10.91 – 21.82 USD
Friendly and comfortable budget accommodations located among the fertile rice fields of Bali. Just 10 minutes walk from central Ubud, Londo Bungalows offers 4 two-story bungalows. Each 2-bedroom fan cooled bungalow features 2 double beds with mosquito netting, bathroom more ...

Ubud -Villa Semana Bali

Ubud Villa Semana Bali
Saved in 0 shortlists 250.00 – 330.00 USD
Villa Semana is a hidden treasure deep in the Ubud area of Bali. Consisting of 10 traditional Balinese villas, each with amazing views of surrounding padi fields and the Ayung River, a stay in this exclusive retreat can be relaxing and spiritual at the same time. Built with the more ...

Ubud -Kakiang Bungalows

Ubud Kakiang Bungalows
Saved in 0 shortlists 45.00 – 80.00 USD
Welcome to the official website of Kakiang bungalows. Where you will find high standards at an affordable cost. The minute you step in, you can relax as you are welcomed with a fresh fruit juice. Feel your worries slip away, as acourtesy and friendly staffs care you for more ...

Ubud -Oka Wati Hotel

Ubud Oka Wati Hotel
Saved in 0 shortlists 30.00 – 55.00 USD
This good value accommodation is set in gorgeous surrounding, well-hidden and peaceful located down a gang off the top of Monkey Forest Road near the football field. It is relaxed spot and a brilliant place to chill out far enough back from the main road. Just nineteen traditional more ...

Ubud -Klub Kokos

Ubud Klub Kokos
Saved in 0 shortlists 52.80 – 52.80 USD
Holiday at the exclusive hideaway resort of KLUB KOKOS only a short walk from Ubud, Bali's bustling cultural heart. Set in a rural landscape - a favourite with nature lovers - you will be introduced to a Bali far removed from the commercial turmoil that exists around all more ...

Ubud -Pringga Juwita

Ubud Pringga Juwita
Saved in 0 shortlists 78.65 – 96.80 USD
Welcome to Pringga Juwita Water Garden Cottages where our proprietress Sri and her staff are always on hand to help you feel at home and show you what Balinese hospitality is all about. Find out from Sri, one of Bali's most celebrated legong dancers, how to make your days in Bali more ...

Ubud -Puri Asri Petulu

Ubud Puri Asri Petulu
Saved in 0 shortlists 25.00 – 40.00 USD
The real bali : hidden in fairy tale garden the PURI ASRI has become the love of writers, artists and connoisseurs, not to forget bird watchers. From here the mysterious world of Balinese culture is to discover. Pepper, orchids and avocado grows in our garden. Butterflies and birds more ...

Ubud -Ubud HomeMade

Ubud Ubud HomeMade
Saved in 0 shortlists 135.00 – 540.00 USD
By combining the spirit of Balinese's way and cooking ,and with the wide experience of our talented chefs, we provide a contemporary Ubud cuisinefresh, and healthy product. Also avoiding the use of MSG preservatives, and additive food coloring. The entire ingridient used is natural, more ...

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