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Accommodations for Sihanoukville

Total accommodations in Sihanoukville : 11

. Sihanoukville Bed and breakfast, Vacation rental, Boutique hotel, Boutique hostels

. Daily Rate: $0 - $450, All of Sihanoukville

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Sihanoukville -Orchidee Guesthouse

Sihanoukville Orchidee Guesthouse
Saved in 0 shortlists 13.00 – 28.00 USD
Here at Orchidée Guesthouse, we look forward to helping you unwind and relax at the poolside of our friendly guesthouse. All our rooms have airconditioning, tv, fridge and a bathroom with hot water. We hope to see you soon. Orchidée Guesthouse*) is located at the south side more ...

Sihanoukville -Green Gecko Guesthouse

Sihanoukville Green Gecko Guesthouse
Saved in 0 shortlists 3.00 – 8.00 USD
Here at the Green Gecko Guesthouse in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, we pride ourselves on our great value, clean rooms, friendly service and outstanding restaurant. We have a great location in the backpacker quarter of Weather Station Hill, near the famous Victory beach. If you stay with more ...

Sihanoukville -Sasha Guesthouse

Sihanoukville Sasha Guesthouse
Saved in 0 shortlists 7.00 – 12.00 USD
A friendly family run guesthouse in a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere 100 meters from the southern end of Independence beach Sihanouk Ville Cambodia. Restaurant serving western, Khmer and other asian dishes Bar serving a range of drinks including draft beer. Enjoy a cooling more ...

Sihanoukville -The Independence Hotel

Sihanoukville The Independence Hotel
Saved in 0 shortlists 140.00 – 450.00 USD
The Independence Hotel was built in 1962 and completed in 1963. Back then, it used to be Sihanouk Ville's most luxurious and elitist accommodation. While the 7 floors building was the work of renowned French architects of that epoch, the interior was designed by no other than King more ...

Sihanoukville -Sea Breeze Guest House

Sihanoukville Sea Breeze Guest House
Saved in 0 shortlists 20.00 – 35.00 USD
Superbly located in the very heart of Independence Beach on the safe and quiet area, our family-run guesthouse is your best choice for a great holiday in Sihanoukville. Our friendly, efficient service and clean, well-maintained rooms are a winning combination - our happy staff more ...

Sihanoukville -Cloud 9

Sihanoukville Cloud 9
Saved in 0 shortlists 10.00 – 35.00 USD
Beside the beautiful, blue ocean of Ochheuteal Beach, on the quiet secluded point known as Serendipity Beach, is the popular and much loved Cloud 9 Bungalows, Seaside Restaurant and Beach Bar. The Australian / German couple, Joe and Imke, who own this delightful romantic little more ...

Sihanoukville -House of Malibu

Sihanoukville House of Malibu
Saved in 0 shortlists 17.00 – 50.00 USD
Malibu Bungalows welcomes you to the white sandy beaches of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. At our guesthouses you’ll enjoy resting in a quaint Khmer owned and operated bed & breakfast that offers clean, comfortable, and secure rooms with helpful and friendly service. Both guesthouses a more ...

Sihanoukville -Beach Club Resort

Sihanoukville Beach Club Resort
Saved in 0 shortlists 25.00 – 65.00 USD
Located a leisurely five minutes' stroll to the seemingly endless sands of the beautiful Ochheuteal Beach, the Beach Club Resort Hotel is Sihanoukville's premier boutique, mid-range hotel. All rooms are tastefully furnished and well equipped with modern amenities and services ranging more ...

Sihanoukville -Geckozy Guesthouse

Sihanoukville Geckozy Guesthouse
Saved in 0 shortlists 1.00 – 7.00 USD
Welcome to Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Looking for quality accommodation in a wonderful place with a budget price ??? Connection Wi-Fi High Speed available from the room and common part at your disposition. Our stylish Guesthouse is a cosy little Place in the heart of Sihanoukville, more ...

Sihanoukville -Sokha Beach Hotel

Sihanoukville Sokha Beach Hotel
Saved in 0 shortlists 130.00 – 140.00 USD
This sprawling resort was the first five-star option available in Sihanoukville. It's style is definitely oriented more towards the Asian market, with an ostentatious lobby not really fashionable by Western boutique resort standards. Staff are lovely and helpful. The gardens have more ...

Sihanoukville -New Beach Hotel

Sihanoukville New Beach Hotel
Saved in 0 shortlists 25.00 – 40.00 USD
New Beach Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels with its friendly professional staffs of all-section services in Sihanoukville, located close to Sihanoukville Sea , along St Phe, opposite the Custom and Excise branch, next to the port park, only 10 meters away from the seashore, more ...

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