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Accommodations for Osaka

Total accommodations in Osaka : 26

. Osaka Bed and breakfast, Vacation rental, Boutique hotel, Boutique hostels

. Daily Rate: $0 - $725, All of Osaka

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Saved in 1 shortlists 69.71 – 86.44 USD
Warm Lobby with soft light heart-warming staffs with smile heart-warming place as if an oasis in the city --This is our aim. Spacious and relaxing lobby hall just beside front desk For you to relax, talking and the like. Beautiful and functional entrance. Convenience store more ...

Osaka -Hotel Taiyo

Osaka Hotel Taiyo
Saved in 0 shortlists 37.18 – 37.18 USD
We are conveniently located in Midtown Osaka, in the heart of famous tourist spots.Just two stations from Nanba,the biggest business and shopping area in Osaka,and also within walking distance of Tsutenkaku, the symbolic tower of Osaka.We are also close to all public transportation more ...

Osaka -J-Hoppers

Osaka J-Hoppers
Saved in 0 shortlists 52.05 – 55.77 USD
Welcome to the finest hostel in the funniest city. The 3rd J-Hoppers hostel will be open here in Osaka in January 2008. A former bachelor quarters has been remodeled into a fully-appointed backpackers hostel. It is a 15 minute walk from Osaka central station and also good for a day more ...


Saved in 0 shortlists 139.42 – 241.67 USD
At Hotel Ichiei, we have preserved the traditional restaurant/hotel style since we were established more than 60years ago. We have seen many changes in that time, but we have always kept our belief in our traditional style. We have 22 rooms ready for our customers. A relaxin more ...

Osaka -Fushio-kaku

Osaka Fushio-kaku
Saved in 0 shortlists 114.33 – 358.79 USD
Fushio-kaku is a luxurious Japanese-style resort hotel with private onsen baths in Ikeda, very close to downtown Osaka. 20 guest rooms have different private onsen baths where you can relax and enjoy the view of the great nature of Fushio Onsen, Ikeda. Fushio Onsen ('Onsen' means more ...


Saved in 0 shortlists 292.79 – 585.58 USD
NANTEN-EN is the Japanese traditional style inn. The exterior is also traditional. Onsen(Hot spring) In our inn,there are two bath rooms (Grand bath room for men,Grand bath room for women). The grand bath room"Gokuraku-Yu" ("Gokuraku" is heaven , "Yu" is hot more ...


Saved in 0 shortlists 73.43 – 73.43 USD
The direction of a construction relation and longterm stay accep ts consultation at the lodgings charge of a low price. Open throughout the year ●Parking lot full equipment (to website) ●TV and an air conditioner are no charge ●facsimile OK, wash is also possible ●Rinku more ...


Saved in 0 shortlists 46.47 – 46.47 USD
Welcome to our traditional Japanese Style Hostel. Hello, I'm Yumi. I love traveling. I've traveled around the world and I've enjoyed making friends. When I come back to Japan, I was inspired to create a home for travelers in my town. I have designed a safe, affordable, and com more ...

Osaka -Osaka Budget hostel

Osaka Osaka Budget hostel
Saved in 0 shortlists 51.12 – 55.77 USD
Budget hostel in Osaka Castle town Easy access to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe! Guesthouse U-en is good base for guest house lovers, also for backpackers with private rooms as well as cozy dormitory rooms. We are located near the center of Osaka city, walking distance to the Osaka Castle(Osaka more ...


Saved in 0 shortlists 22.31 – 31.60 USD
It has been observed that many people travel all over South East Asia, and do not include Japan in their travel plans. The reality of Japan being the most expensive country in Asia, usually excludes it as a destination for people traveling on a budget. Nishinari is an underdevelo more ...

Osaka -Osaka Municipal Nagai Youth Hostel

Osaka Osaka Municipal Nagai Youth Hostel
Saved in 0 shortlists 46.47 – 65.06 USD
It is a membership system accomodation for youths who love travelling. You can stay here economically and safely. Also, it is an institution for social education. Anyone can use this hostel (e.g. as a training camp, a dormitory and for travelling..) YHs differ from Hotels. Toothbrushes more ...

Osaka -sightseeing inn Ishihashi

Osaka sightseeing inn Ishihashi
Saved in 0 shortlists 72.50 – 78.08 USD
Osaka, Minami, and the Doton moat. I can get Onjuku Tomari in a cheap charge of meal setting Nashi. The customer having been stayed in this pavilion before becomes the object of the discount. Please tell us when you reserve it in the mail form, the telephone, and the fax. more ...


Saved in 0 shortlists 48.33 – 65.06 USD
Hop to major business districts in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe! Hotel Chuo guarantees the convenience for your business and sightseeing with high practicality and a reasonable price. We are honored to welcome you as our important guests. Cherry blossom season is almost over more ...


Saved in 0 shortlists 37.18 – 37.18 USD
Every room has a kitchen, a closet, basic appliances, internet access and comes fully furnished. starting 3,000 yen/day, 17,000 yen/week, 50,000 yen/month. 7 min walk to Midosuji Subway-Line [ Showacho ] Sta. 2 min walk to Tanimachi Subway-Line [ Fuminosato ] Sta. 15 min walk more ...


Saved in 0 shortlists 37.18 – 37.18 USD
Large, very spacious, fully-furnished room (about the size of 6 large tatami mats+closet and entrance=14.5 sq. m ) with basic appliances and internet access 1 night/3000 yen, 1 week/17,000 yen, 1 month/55,000 yen . Midosuji subway-line takes you straight to Namba, Umeda and Shin-osaka Midosuji more ...


Saved in 0 shortlists 37.18 – 37.18 USD
"Dormitory Lemon House" is located right in the middle of Osaka's hottest spot, Namba! Osaka's major spots, Dotonbori, Denden-town, Kuromon market, Tsutenkaku, Jyan-Jyan Yokocho, America-mura, Shinsaibashi all within a walking distance. You never have to worry about catching the more ...

Osaka -Lodge Tyojirou

Osaka Lodge Tyojirou
Saved in 0 shortlists 55.77 – 111.54 USD
Near Kansai International Airport ! You will be one of our repeaters ! Nice cheap accommodations for a tourist of single, group tourists, business travelers as well ! Good Reputation with many long-stay guests and revisitors. more ...

Osaka -Hotel T'Point

Osaka Hotel T'Point
Saved in 0 shortlists 87.37 – 725.01 USD
"The space in this hotel is also a part of art." Having this idea as a concept, every fall, we are holding art festivals collaborating with artists from various fields. Also we keep renovating several rooms each times to achieve the designed space with greater sensibility and atmosphere more ...

Osaka -The Hotel Kuramoto

Osaka The Hotel Kuramoto
Saved in 0 shortlists 97.60 – 136.64 USD
This page guides you to the page for detail information of our hotel in terms of diet menu, rooms, and other facilities. If you would like to know more details, click the words which you want to know. Explanation of facilities, amenities and Fare for staying. Wash and rinse more ...

Osaka -Kaneyoshi Ryokan

Osaka Kaneyoshi Ryokan
Saved in 0 shortlists 0.00 – 0.00 USD
This Modern Ryokan is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Osaka. Kaneyoshi Ryokan is a comfortable Ryokan on the riverside of Dotombori and very close to the Osaka shopping quarter. From Kaneyoshi Ryokan ,guests can quickly access all major transportation links as well more ...

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