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Accommodations for Luang Prabang

Total accommodations in Luang Prabang : 21

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Luang Prabang -Villa Sokxai 2

Luang Prabang Villa Sokxai 2
Saved in 1 shortlists 25.00 – 50.00 USD
Villa Sokxai 2 has 7 well finished rooms in a old built heritage style house. Located in the old town close to visit, it offers a comfortable base from which to explore the historic town. The terrace and balcony are lovely places to sit and overlook very good view of phousi more ...

Luang Prabang -Sala Prabang

Luang Prabang Sala Prabang
Saved in 1 shortlists 50.00 – 75.00 USD
Imagine watching the setting sun reflected in the majestic Mekong River as you sit on your private balcony. Soak in the charm of the Lao-styled bungalow, the elegant colonial villa & duplex and the classic Lao residence steeped in more than a century of rich history and yet offe more ...

Luang Prabang -Satri House

Luang Prabang Satri House
Saved in 1 shortlists 100.00 – 100.00 USD
A lush retreat tucked away in overgrown gardens, Satri House is perfect for those looking for a little solitude and peace. Common areas are quiet with an old-world charm that also finds its way into the cool and cavernous rooms. The richly coloured fabrics, Persian rugs, canopy beds, more ...

Luang Prabang -The 3 Nagas

Luang Prabang The 3 Nagas
Saved in 1 shortlists 125.00 – 360.00 USD
You’ve come to experience one of the most culturally rich destinations in South East Asia, a land of unimaginable beauty. Immerse yourself in “The Kingdom of a Million Elephants” with a stay at the hotel 3 Nagas by Alila. Located in the heart of Luang Prabang, the ancient former more ...

Luang Prabang -The Chang Inn

Luang Prabang The Chang Inn
Saved in 1 shortlists 90.00 – 250.00 USD
Welcome to the traditional Lao houses with the style of boutique hotel at The Chang Heritage Hotel. The hotel has its own unique design and identity with the support of the excellent services that waits for the customers, who would like to explore themselves with the new journey more ...

Luang Prabang -Rattana Guesthouse

Luang Prabang Rattana Guesthouse
Saved in 1 shortlists 15.00 – 22.00 USD
Rattana Guest House is located in the center of Luang Prabang (Laos) - a world heritage site of UNESCO and is run by two sisters, Phone and Nith, in a family atmosphere. The guesthouse consists of 2 buildings, one of which is a wooden heritage house and it is centrally located within more ...

Luang Prabang -Ancient Luangprabang

Luang Prabang Ancient Luangprabang
Saved in 1 shortlists 45.00 – 60.00 USD
Ancient Luang Prabang Opened in late 2005 on the main street, the Ancient Luang Prabang Hotel's 3rd floor open air café has a virtually panoramic view of the city. Guests can enjoy the central location - just walk out of the lobby and start browsing the day and evening text more ...

Luang Prabang -La Residence Phou Vao

Luang Prabang La Residence Phou Vao
Saved in 0 shortlists 252.00 – 574.00 USD
La Résidence Phou Vao Hotel in Luang Prabang, Laos, is a luxury spa hotel in Luang Prabang with breathtaking views of the mountains and surrounding World Heritage town of Luang Prabang. Experience the unique and peaceful atmosphere of this luxury resort, La Residence Pho Vao, in more ...

Luang Prabang -Saysamphanh Guest House

Luang Prabang Saysamphanh Guest House
Saved in 0 shortlists 5.00 – 15.00 USD
The three-storey,13 rooms Saysamphanh Guesthouse is a mid priced, family-run, guesthouse offering a good level of comfort and service, located in the area of Phouvao residence Hotel and along 13 North road . It is around 10 minutes drive by Tuk-Tuk or 30 minutes walk from the historic more ...

Luang Prabang -Lotus Villa Boutique Hotel

Luang Prabang Lotus Villa Boutique Hotel
Saved in 0 shortlists 52.00 – 105.00 USD
Lotus Villa is a new boutique hotel (2007) with 15 tranquil rooms in the heart of the UNESCO precinct of Luang Prabang, within 2 minutes walk of landmarks such as the heritage listed wats; Wat Nong and Wat Xieng Thong, and the aclaimed L'Elephant restaurant. Nestled amongst cafes, more ...

Luang Prabang -Villa Suan Maak Hotel

Luang Prabang Villa Suan Maak Hotel
Saved in 0 shortlists 15.00 – 35.00 USD
Villa Suan Maak, your charming residence in Luang Prabang! This old french style villa with its beautiful betel nut palm garden (“Suan Maak” means “betel nut”) is situated in a quiet residential area, 15 minutes walk from the center of Luang Prabang. In our family run villa y more ...

Luang Prabang -Villa Santi

Luang Prabang Villa Santi
Saved in 0 shortlists 150.00 – 250.00 USD
Former royal residence Villa Santi has a great location in the centre of town, and access to the more spacious resort facilities outside of town. As in much of Luang Prabang, prices have unjustifiably risen significantly in the last few years , with not a lot to show for it. Rooms more ...

Luang Prabang -Khoun and Khone Guesthouse

Luang Prabang Khoun and Khone Guesthouse
Saved in 0 shortlists 5.00 – 20.00 USD
Hello, Khoun and I would like to welcome you and invite you to explore our bungalows through this website. Our six private bungalows are located in a peaceful and beautiful garden in the hills surrounding Luang Prabang, only about 10 minutes away from the old city. It will be more ...

Luang Prabang -Lao Wooden House

Luang Prabang Lao Wooden House
Saved in 0 shortlists 35.00 – 55.00 USD
A home, aways from home...! Lao wooden house Villa is set in a beautifully restored traditional Lao style house in the heart of heritage town. Built at the last century for a member of the royal family. Today the former royal villa was renovated and set up as a Guesthouse, each more ...

Luang Prabang -The Apsara

Luang Prabang The Apsara
Saved in 0 shortlists 70.00 – 120.00 USD
Right in the heart of the Heritage centre, on the banks of the Nam Khan, (the quiet side of town) The Apsara, as well as having beautifully designed rooms, including terrace with a view to die for (but you don't have to), also has a restaurant serving modern European and Asian food more ...

Luang Prabang -Pack Luck Villa

Luang Prabang Pack Luck Villa
Saved in 0 shortlists 25.00 – 40.00 USD
Originally intended for rental as a private house, Pack Luck was swiftly converted into a guesthouse after someone noticed that they had forgotten the kitchen. The stylish guesthouse features beautifully done rooms with unusual attention to small details. All bathrooms are lovely, more ...

Luang Prabang -Shayada Guesthouse

Luang Prabang Shayada Guesthouse
Saved in 0 shortlists 25.00 – 45.00 USD
Villa-Shayada Guest House est un hôtel traditionnel charmant de neuf chambres, situé à Luang Prabang au coeur d'Aphay Village, face au Wat Wisunalat le temple le plus ancien de la ville. Les 9 chambres, toutes différentes, peuvent accueillir deux personnes avec la possibilité more ...

Luang Prabang -Tum Tum Bamboo Art and Guest House

Luang Prabang Tum Tum Bamboo Art and Guest House
Saved in 0 shortlists 100.00 – 150.00 USD
Our Guest House is located in a silent side street just steps away from the famous Wat Xieng Thong, the Mekong and Khan Rivers in the very heart of the UNESCO Heritage Site of Luang Prabang. Travelers, looking for the real beauty of this charming town, for the silence of Laos, more ...

Luang Prabang -Villa Santi Hotel

Luang Prabang Villa Santi Hotel
Saved in 0 shortlists 0.00 – 0.00 USD
The Villa Santi Hotel is located in the heart of the World Heritage Site with walking distance to many historical sight seeing places such as the former Royal Palace, Mont Phousy, ancient temples, local handicraft shopping area, dining area, Mekong River and Nam Khane River. The more ...

Luang Prabang -Saynamkhan Guesthouse

Luang Prabang Saynamkhan Guesthouse
Saved in 0 shortlists 0.00 – 0.00 USD

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