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Home town: Rome   

tunna76 says:  
This is my work, I'm the owner of two B&B in the Città Eterna.

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Casa Di Biagio, Rome,Italy

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  • 50.00 – 90.00 EUR
Situata in una traversa di via Aurelia, CASA DI BIAGIO è ideale per riposarsi all'ombra del cuppolone... Ad appena 600 mt dai Musei Vaticani e a qualche fermata di metro dal centro storico della Città Eterna, rappresenta il luogo ideale per essere vicini alla movida romana, ma allo stesso tempo lont more...

Casa Vacanze Nonno Giulio, Rome,Italy

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  • 80.00 – 120.00 EUR
Located in the center of the city, this apartment has 1 wedding bed and 2 single beds. Walking distance from Campo de Fiori, the Sinagoga and the most beautiful scenery of Rome. Guests can use the kitchen because the apartment is indipendent and there aren't any other guests different by you. more...

Maria Grazia, Rome,Italy

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  • 60.00 – 100.00 EUR
Located 15 minutes by underground line A from the centre of the city, MARIA GRAZIA is a rebuilt apartment with two double rooms. The Appia Antica and Cafarella Park are most beautiful attractive of this zone. The “Maria Grazia” Bed&breakfast is located on Via Tuscolana 310, beside the “Furio Camil more...